“Sense Of Home”

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Mix the different pieces of video by clicking on the slices.

The gestures and movement of modern or traditional dance are central in my work and part of my inspiration as a dancer, filmmaker and interactive artist. Passages of the human body through space, allows us to travel through time and across geographies. Movement is a constant change that is always occurring around us. Like our bodies, our cultures, languages and philosophies are in constant motion, interacting and colliding with the ideas, concepts and other cultures that are near us. Our bodies are constantly interacting with our surroundings and our surroundings interacting with our bodies—this is a relationship; it transpires like a dance. Movement and sound become a vital marriage effecting how we perceive and connect to a place.

In Sense of Home I explore moving pictures combined with the audio of eight film slices. The work is reflective of the acoustic ecology of the environments portrayed. I create a presence of my home and landscapes of others through visual rhythms and sound. The video pieces are chosen by the viewer through the touchscreen, in this way the audience determines the composition of the piece. As each video has a different length of soundtrack it is able to be an original composition each and every time.

In my work I share what it is like to be at home in my body; moving to rhythms keeps me grounded and connects me to my environment. I am also heavily influenced by electronic music and believe the complexity of modern composition in this type of music reflects complexity in nature and our relationship to it.


  • 2012/10/21 Sense of Home, ImagineNative Film + Media Arts Festival, Toronto, Ontario
    Received Best New Media Award for interactive media
  • 2012/04 Sense of Home, Communikey Electronic and Digital Arts Festival 2012, ATLAS (Alliance for Technology, Learning, and Society) Institute, Boulder, Colorado
  • 2012/04-05 Sense of Home, IAIA 2012 BFA Student Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • 2011/05 Sense of Home, Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Created in collaboration with people from different perspectives and different places.

Concept by Leena Minifie
Quentin Rogers
Matthew Bettlej
Thomas Jirku
Brooke Swaney
Leena Minifie

Quentin Rogers
Thomas Jirku
Matthew Bettlej
D’arcy O’Connor

Paul Senet
Quentin Rogers

Morgan Green