Jonny Appleseed

JONNY APPLESEED tells the coming of age story of Jonny, a two-spirit and Indigiqueer youth who transitions from life on a reservation to life in the bustling city. He travels with his two closest friends, and together the trio navigate love, culture shuck, urban hustle and adulthood. 

JONNY APPLESEED is a 4 X 46 minute mini-series based on the titular, award-winning novel by Joshua Whitehead (CBC’s 2021 ‘Canada Reads’ champion). 

A coming of age story, JONNY APPLESEED follows young two-spirit and Indigiqueer Jonny and his two closest friends as they transition into life in the city after growing up on in Cree reservation. This journey showcases Jonny’s chameleon-like acting skills as he weaves through culture shock and newly discovered self-reliance. His two friends, Tias AND Jordan are never too far away, despite having their own demons to wrestle and contend with. The trio relies on one another during the trials of inner-city life, their relationship ranging from dramatic to funny and bittersweet, all while becoming entangled in a tumultuous love-triangle. 

Jonny turns to Only Fans to hustle for money, where he explores the joy of role-play and dramatic character performance for survival. His is a story about love of all kinds; for his best-friend and secret lover; for his lover’s girlfriend; for his mother and grandmother; and ultimately for himself. 

Despite being liberated from the homophobia and toxic masculinity of home, the deep loneliness of leaving loved ones and culture behind weighs heavily on our protagonists.. Through bullying and unacceptance, Jonny remains steadfast and resilient as he becomes his most authentic character, Jonny. JONNY APPLESEED gives insight into the distinct rules of the reservation world, which Indigneous youth take with them into city-life, adapting them to suit their needs of independence and uniqueness. 

In the the vein of IT’S A SIN with it’s queer haven in London, and the barriers of fear and anxiety, that friendship quells and FLEABAG with the intimate psychological evolution of the protagonist reconciling a life-altering moment JONNY APPLESEED champions bravery, defiance and love for Two Spirit and Indigneous Queer voices.