The self-expression, individualism, and self-interest of Generation Y, or Millenials, has drastically morphed our physical and social world, forcing us to reflect on the harmful effects to society from a lifestyle of solitude.

SOLO is a limited documentary mini-series in early-stage development, with myself as creator and producer.

The series explores the economic and societal changes that capitalism, self-interest, and Western philosophy have brought to diverse youth across North American racialized families. 

The Gen Y or “Millenial” generation is self-determined, expressed, independent, authentic and choosing to remain unmarried and childless while investing in a more nomadic and assetless lifestyle. So what will this mean for the future generations and for our current ideas of culture and community, and how drastically is individualism morphing our world and eroding strong cultural concepts in racialized communities?

Individualism is on the rise, bringing with it a new set of values. In an age defined less and less by traditionalism and more by self-expression, independence and authenticity, singledom is a natural evolution alongside job-hopping, co-living, sexual openness, digital connection and a nomadic workforce.

SOLO will look at the economic and societal changes that capitalism, Western philosophy, and English language favoritism have spread throughout other cultures and communities in the last decade. This seven-part series explores how modern trends are affecting our everyday decisions. It looks at free-radical people during a time of instability and loneliness, as the world changes to ever more singular needs.