The Black Edge

Famous socialites and artists from the turn of the century fall sick with magic and are infected by supernatural talents; will their new gifts tear them from their lives and loved ones?

THE BLACK EDGE is an historical fantasy dramatic limited series in early-stage development. The series is intended for a broad adult audience (18 – 55), and fans of mystery, fantasy and historical fiction genres. 

Inspired by the untold stories of the interconnected relationships of racialized settlers on the West coast of North America, including British settlers, Indigenous peoples and the era’s most prominent thinkers, innovators, artisans, socialites, activists and changemakers. 

The networks were close-knit, and the social circles were kept small; many individuals were in secret relationships or rubbing elbows across the decades, entering into comradery with other changemakers. The paths of many real-life artists crossed, such as Ellen Neel, Mungo Martin, George Clutesi, Chief Mathias, Joe Capilano aka Mathias Joe, and Emily Carr. These famous figures were dealing with keeping their land, their lives and their families together in the centre of Western colonialism, with British invasion and violent gun boat rule. 

The ensemble of characters intimately know and control the natural world and many other elements that we are removed from today. They live difficult lives in an era of conquest, but they meet their world through art which is filled with extreme beauty and awe-inspiring cultural creations, trying to control the westward colonial expansion of the British. They traverse through illness and murder via dark magic as this force entangles their lives. It becomes clear that their magical sickness is not a burden, giving the intervention of spells and the supernatural realm. 

Elements of magical realism and supernatural power will breathe life into this factual, historical figures during their lowest moments. Informed by elements of series such as THE MAGICIANS, AMERICAN GODS and THE LUMINARIES, THE BLACK EDGE will inspire new interest in a time often described in simplistic terms of gold, cowboys, colonists, and Indians.