Our Services

When you are launching a film, project or campaign there are a million different ways to engage your audience, build your base and boost your message. Stories First works with you to customize services that work within your budget, achieve your goals and are tailored to reach the very people who matter most to you.

Contact us for an estimate. It is helpful if you know:

What is your impact goal? What is your budget? What materials do you already have done or ready to go? What contacts, partners and audiences are already in place? What is your timeline?

Hourly Consulting

SF expertise is available for an hourly rate for reviewing your materials or helping with high-level planning without implementation support. This includes film review, document writing and editing and other services as identified.

Custom Packages

SF can create an in-depth custom package for your project that may include some or all of the following services:

Planning for impact campaigns

SF works with you to create a written impact campaign action plan with clear goals and timeline. This may include language for fundraising proposals, budget development and political analysis.

Monthly retainer for impact campaign management

SF manages all relationships with contractors, vendors and distributors, includes writing of proposals and contracts, Monthly price varies on scope and scale of each campaign.

Community Engagement Services

SF plans targeted promotion plans, designs and creates assets, conducts partner outreach.

Social Media Impact Campaign:

SF works with you to design clear goals and measurements for success, including identifying target audiences, creating compelling messaging and ongoing analysis and adjustments of live campaigns.

Community Screening/Discussion Guide

SF creates custom planning tools for hosting community screenings. These tools include ideas for funding, promoting and building partnerships for community events, connections to related resources and discussion guides.

Promotion Deck

SF can design a branded slide deck designed for presentations for screening and sales opportunities.

Audience Building

SF conducts extensive audience research and targeted promotional campaigns for theatrical and speaker tours.

Tour Management

SF supports negotiation, scheduling and promotion of theatrical and speaker tours.

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