Museum of Contemporary Native Arts presents “Sense of Home”

MoCNA will be presenting 26 BFA graduates works, including my own, called Sense of Home. Sense of Home is a web-based new media piece that incorporates moving pictures with the audio of 8 film clips, visual rhythms and sound. The audience determines the composition of the piece, producing an original composition each and every time.

In my interactive new media installation, Sense of Home, (in collaboration with other video sound artist and web designers), I explore moving pictures with the audio of eight film slices shaped in a circle. These eight videos exist on a computer hooked up to a multitouch monitor or touch table. Audio is heard from adjacent speakers pointing towards the user. Any audience member can approach the kiosk and choose to play or pause the videos by touching the corresponding images.

I believe this work is successful in reflecting the visual environments and acoustic ecologies of the nature scenes portrayed. I aim to create a presence of my home and landscapes of others’ homes through visual rhythms and sound.