The Heist

Running time:  7:20 

2010, Canada, 10 min, Digital Beta, HD
Director: Andrew Jack

Produced by Leena Minifie

Choreography by Jojo Zolina (House of LaDouche)

11th Annual ImagineNative Film Festival

Dancing Queenz!
 Saturday, Oct 23 2010, 5:00PM 

Al Green Theatre
Toronto, Ontario

Program and Schedule
ImagineNative will hosted the Toronto premiere of the mesmerising urban dance film, The Heist. A tale of a svelte and sassy cat burglar’s hunt for the ultimate treasure—a diamond studded shoe. Accompanying the screening will be a special live performance featuring some of the stars of the film—The House of La Douche. This performance is sure to be the highlight of the festivals inaugural all dance based film program, entitled Dancing Queenz, at the biggest International Indigenous Film Festival in world— ImagineNative. Directed by Andrew Jack, and choreographed by Jojo Zolina, The Heist features the voguing and waacking dance style that evolved out of New York’s underground gay club scene in the 1970’s. Voguing in its present contemporary form has gone on to influence current popular styles of dance seen on music videos, and broadcast dance shows.

Press Release:
Announcing the Toronto Debut of the Urban Dance Troupe – House of LaDouche, and their New Film: The Heist
Press release (pdf)

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