Linking Band Names

Artist’s names need to be linked to their artist page… for example, for Beatz, it would be

To get the actual link to this page, what you want to do is to FIRST… add them to the post in the Artists form (bottom right side of edit screen). Check to see if they’re in the system already. If they’re not, then add them.

Once they’re added, view a PREVIEW of the post. At the end of the article, in the TAGS list, you’ll see their name. Option click their name, and COPY the link.

Then, in the post editing page, highlight any occurance of the band name, click on the LINK button, and stick that url in there.

I know it’s counterintuitive when it’s the first article for an artist, however, what that link actually does is create a search result for any tag with the bands name in it. SO, in the future, when someone clicks on their name in this article, or any other, all the articles tagged with the band name will show up.