Feature images for posts

Each post HAS to have an image attached to it, whether or not it appears in the final post… this is because they WILL appear in things like searches, or category homepages, etc…

To attach the image…  go to the bottom right side of the post edit page, and click on the Set Featured Image link.

This will bring up the image gallery.  Now, either upload your image here, or click on Media Gallery…  Find your image in the list and click on Show.

Clicking on Show will open up details on that image.  Now, at the bottom of that pane, you’ll see an “Insert into Post” button… just to the right of that should be a text link that says “Use as featured image” click on that and that’s exactly what it will do.

The featured image is the image that will show up at the top of the homepage if it’s the top story, and as the smaller images to the left of the story text on the story lists pages…  And, it will be the top image in the story itself.

IF it’s a video story, and you don’t want an image there… AGAIN, in the right colum, there’s a box at the top right of the edit post window called “Post Listing Options” In that box is an option called ‘No featured image on post page”. selecting that will hide the featured image from the post page…


1. go to rpm homepage.  Option click on main image and Copy Image.  Next, open up the Preview program, and select File > New (from clipboard).  This will automatically create a copy of the image you just copied from the homepage of RPM.


Cause it’s a super quick and lazy way to create an image document that’s the same size as the ones RPM uses.

Ok… I get it… now what?

Open the video up on Youtube.  On the video player bar, where it says 360p or some such thing, select the highest resolution offered.  Then click on the Expand icon… looks like an upside down L with arrows on it, right next to 360p.  this will make the image bigger!

Find the frame you want, and hit our favorite Apple Shift 3, and take a picture of that shit!  Then, open that screen capture in Preview.

Select all (Apple A or Edit > Select All)  copy that, and paste it on top of the RPM image we just made…  then, you should be able to drag the image around till you get it where you want it.   Note, you can also use the select tool on the screen capture, in Preview, select what you want, copy it, and past that into the RPM sized image, if you don’t want to bother with dragging around.

Save that puppy… but save it as a jpg… put it somewhere convenient… and then upload it through the wordpress media library uploader.